OÜ Furnico started activities in 1992, in the beginning as AS Ain Kullo.


During the first years the company’s core business was furniture import and sales in Estonia.

Starting from 1997 the company is named OÜ Furnico. During the second half of nineties Furnico started to concentrate more and more on sales and marketing of springmattresses, boxmattresses and topmattresses in Estonia and abroad.


In 1997 brand Hypnos was launched. The brand is the symbol of good night sleep and comfortable mattresses for many Estonians.


Furnico products are produced in the manufacturing company in Narva. In 2007 Furnico became the major shareholder of the company. Narva manufacturing company has the longest history and biggest experience in Estonian bedding industry; the production was started already in 1947.


Very few companies today can be proud of combining 50 years experience in bedding manufacture, hand-made quality in details and dynamic technological progress.


Furnico is proud to be one of these few.


Present on the residential and contract markets, both domestically and internationally, today Furnico offers a wide range of comfort and design products to its customers and valuable business opportunities to its corporate customers.